The Story

Naturally Asha provides a holistic approach to health care, including Acupuncture, Remedial Massage & other healing modalities.

The word Asha is derived from the Indian language, which when translated means life, hope, wish and/or desire.

For five years I had the honour & pleasure of caring for an inspirational little girl called Asha.

Asha taught me many lessons, the most cherished lesson being unconditional love. The time spent with Asha inspired the creation of this health care practice.

With the help from family and support of friends, the creation of ‘Naturally Asha’ became a reality.

Naturally Asha strives to assist our clients to maintain balance between mind, body, spirit and soul.

Brianna, Acupuncturist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Intuitive healer.


Acupuncture treatments are created specifically to each individual to meet their specific needs.
Here are some examples of the conditions Acupuncture can assist with:

– Musculoskeletal presentations
– Sleep disruption
– Digestive Concerns
– Emotional stress and related conditions
– Women’s health
– Colds & flu
– Reproductive health


Dietary and lifestyle advice


Acupuncture treatment plans are designed specifically to meet each patients individual needs.

Some examples of the conditions acupuncture can assist with:
• Musculoskeletal presentations
• Sleep disruption
• Digestive Concerns
• Emotional & Stress related conditions
• Womens’ Health
• Cold’s & Flu
• Reproductive Health

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage uses a combination of soft and deep tissue massage techniques. Lifestyle & self-care advice may also be provided, to assist in maintaining optimal posture as well as decreasing muscle aches & pains.
Below are some examples of how remedial massage can assist in attaining general health & wellbeing & address specific presented conditions:

– Decreasing stress levels
– Promoting Relaxation
– Targeting specific areas of the body presenting with muscular complaints
– Injury prevention
– Rehabilitation from injury


From a young age Brianna’s passion in life was to help people. Brianna was drawn to study natural & complimentary therapies. Her passion has always guided her studies including Traditional Chinese Medicine at Victoria University, attaining a major in Acupuncture & minor in Chinese Herbal Medicine.  The next step in her path directed her to study Remedial Massage Therapy at the Australian College of Fitness & Bodywork.

Her development as a practitioner did not stop there, discovering a passion to study energetic and intuitive therapies and incorporating these modalities into her sessions. Brianna has worked in private practice, with elite level athletes &  sporting clubs. Through these experiences she has learnt & developed her clinical skills.

Brianna provides a holistic approach when treating her patients imparting an integrative philosophy within her treatments.



Warren migrated to Australia from Malaysia in 2009 with the ability of speaking 6 languages inclusive of Malay , mandarin, Cantonese, English , Chinese dialect – Teo Chiew and Hakka.

It is in Warren’s nature to nurture & help others. Due to this Warren decided to study a course that lead him to work within the aged & community care field.

Warren started his journey in Melbourne as a Personal Care Worker, he worked for non-profit organization for several years & decided he would like to do a bit more to help the elderly and those who suffers from motor neuron diseases to improving their quality of life.

Warren went on to complete his Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, progressing to complete the Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy at Australian College of Fitness and Bodywork (ACFB).

Furthermore, Warren has also obtained an Advanced Certificate in Integrated Cupping Therapy from Health Traditions.

Warren is now a fully insured and accredited member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

Warren enjoys treating people with different conditions. Specialising in stress relief & bodywork to reduce & manage injuries. Warren incorporates different techniques including soft & deep tissue massage techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cupping, & other techniques to address the individual needs.

Warren strongly believes in educating his patients with relevant information relating to their problem. This assists in their recovery by preventing further injury & secondary presentation from occurring.

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